Free virtual PA consulation


Free Initial Consultation

I offer an hour’s consultation to assess your business needs and identify areas where you might need my personal VA support.

Package options

My VA services can be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis (hourly rate £30), or retainer basis (at an equivalent reduced hourly rate).

This fee structure includes:

  • Initial business consultation
  • Regular reviews
  • Full VA support to ensure achievement of business goals

Retainer VA fees:

Bronze: 20 hours per month = £570 (based on £28.50/hour)

Silver: 40 hours per month = £1,100 (based on £27.50/hour)

Gold: 60 hours per month = £1,590 (based on £26.50/hour)

(Terms - Paid in advance by standing order arrangement)

Additional service rates

Take advantage of a FREE Coles VA consultation and discover the difference I can make to your business.